Birds in the bathroom fan or kitchen vent? Sparrows making nests in your attic or garage? Those little weaver finches in the attic may well be sparrows. Sometimes sparrows cause damage by pecking at insulation inside attics. The nests of sparrows can also be dangerous, as they can be potential fire hazards. Call Critter Control today for effective sparrow removal, control and exclusion services.


Sparrows are one of the most common birds in the Columbia Missouri area. They are opportunistic feeders and compete with native bird species for food and nesting sites.


There are two types of sparrows that are similar in size but have slightly different features and markings.

House Sparrows

  • Chestnut brown on top, with tawny or white underbellies and black, gray, or brown patterns on their backs and wings.
  • Males have black bibs, short black beaks, and gray patches on the top of their head
  • Females are duller in color with unmarked breasts and tan beaks

Song Sparrows

  • Coloration is dependent on their location
  • Feathers range in color from dark plumage to light brown or gray


Sparrows can be found on city streets or in municipal parks hopping along the ground pecking at seeds or bits of food. House sparrows and song sparrows have their own preference of habitat and nesting locations.

House Sparrows

The house sparrow prefers to nest in manmade structures. House Sparrows can be found behind signs, beneath roof overhands, among the rafter of open warehouses, and in streetlights.

Song Sparrows

Song sparrows tend to nest in dense thickets of grass, but may also enjoy a wide variety of open habitats, including marshes, fields, backyards, and forest edges. Song birds are well accustomed to humans and may nest among rosebushes or flowerbeds.

Sparrow Problems


Sparrows are very common among homes and yards. House sparrows share a strong bond with humans and rely on them for everything from nesting sites to food. They like to nest in intrusive place, including roof eaves or unoccupied outbuildings. Song sparrows tend to remain safe, living in gardens or bushes. Nesting among yards may result in accidentally entry to your home! Typically, the birds will not enter your occupied home intentionally.

Sparrow Damage

House sparrows are aggressive birds that harass and attack other native species. Sparrows are known to destroy eggs and drive other animals away from food sources like bird feeders. If you have a flock of sparrows nesting near your home, they may wreak havoc on home gardens and grain crops, as well as livestock feed and grass seeds. Nesting habits may cause further damage by blocking drains and ventilation ducts. A sparrow nest may become a fire hazard when located in streetlights, on store signs, or under roof overhangs.

Sparrow Control

Sparrow Trapping and Removal

Sparrows are wild animals and may cause harm when approached or cornered. Critter Control of Central Missouri's (Columbia) experts are prepared to manage unwanted sparrow problems using effective and humane methods. We are aware of rules, regulations, and laws that may protect bird species, and will work within them to ensure safe control.

Damage Repairs and Prevention

Critter Control of Central Missouri will get rid of your sparrow problem and begin tackling the damages. Our technicians are experienced in professional damage repairs that may double as a preventative. Our prevention efforts will help keep sparrows away from your home and reduce the chances of additional damages from occurring. The most effective way to discourage house sparrows and song sparrows from taking up residence in unwanted areas is to remove potential nesting sites and food sources. Eliminating birdfeeders and sealing or blocking crevices, holes in signs, and unsecured lampposts will assist in the prevention of sparrow problems.

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