Prevention Services

Wildlife Prevention

Critter Control of Central Missouri is a full-service wildlife control company that specializes in wildlife prevention. Your technician will implement proven prevention techniques depending on your problem wildlife at hand. We will find every entry for unwanted animals and develop a solution to keep nuisance animals out of your home.

Bats in the chimney and squirrels in the attic get there because they've found a way in. It is our job to fix that and make sure they don’t find a way in again.

Prevention Techniques

Critter Control of Central Missouri can use a variety of different wildlife prevention approaches, including habitat modification and exclusions. Critter Control of Central Missouri will work hard to bring your home back to a critter-free state. Our damage repairs are professional and installed by experienced technicians. Some of our repair methods double as prevention services to help keep wild animals out of your home permanently.

Habitat Modification

Wild animals will enter your home and property in search of food, water, and shelter. Wildlife prevention methods such as habitat modification will limit food and water sources such as birdbaths, bird feeders, and pet dishes. Keeping brush piles and dead trees limited will also help keep wildlife away from your property and home. Your technician can help explain habitat modification and how to implement it efficiently.


Barriers between the outside critters and the inside of your home may be the most effective approach of prevention.

Exclusion materials include:

  • Vent Screening
  • Chimney Capping
  • Caulk & Sealing
  • Roof Vent Guards

For proven and effective wildlife prevention, call Critter Control of Central Missouri. Our prevention techniques work and will keep wild animals out of your home for good. (573) 560-3028