Management Programs

Wildlife Management

Critter Control of Central Missouri offers wildlife management programs as a primary service. Our technicians have extensive training on wildlife habits, intelligence levels, and habitats. The wildlife management services we offer work inside of the laws and regulations for wildlife species. Critter Control of Central Missouri will create a solution to manage the wild animal inside your home.

Wildlife Specialists

The professionals at Critter Control of Central Missouri combine their extensive education and experience with a genuine care for wildlife. Our technicians offer some of the finest wildlife control programs available anywhere. Squirrel control, mice removal, and other wildlife control tasks will be handled in a quick and humane manner.

Our team is trained to handle endangered or protected species, such as certain species of bats and birds, which may require specific or special care. We will treat your home as our very own, as we do everything legally and ethically possible to keep pests out.

Professional Equipment

All of our technicians are stocked with the most up to date and professional equipment available. Critter Control of Central Missouri has the specialists, equipment, knowledge, and care to finish your wildlife management program right the first time.

Why Work With Critter Control?

It may seem like a simple plan or good idea to get that squirrel out your house on your own. Wild animals can present a tough challenge though. If you are experiencing problems with raccoons in your attic, bats in your chimney, or opossums in walls, call our professional wildlife control technicians. When it comes to capturing, excluding and removing wildlife from homes, our team at Critter Control has the know-how and experience to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Wildlife Management Solutions

For years, Critter Control of Central Missouri has offered proven wildlife management techniques for taking care of nuisance wild animal problems. We will work with you to trap, remove, repair, and prevent wildlife invasions. "Our Repairs Keep Animals Out!"

When you are wondering how to get rid of squirrels, mice, or fix mole damage, call Critter Control of Central Missouri at (573) 560-3028.

Critter Control handles wild animals only. Please call your local shelter if you have a domestic animal issue.