Wildlife Damage ControlWildlife Damage in Central Missouri

Critter Control of Central Missouri offers a full-service wildlife control that includes repairing the damage caused by invading wildlife. After identifying your wildlife problem and removing the critter, your technician will assess the damage done and create an approach to repair it. We follow up on our work to ensure the problem is solved completely the first time.

Types of Wildlife Damage

The severity of damages will vary per wildlife species. Squirrel damage and mole damage call for completely different wildlife damage repairs. Critter Control of Central Missouri has experience in all types of damages caused by wildlife and the necessary methods to repair them.

Mice droppings carry diseases. When foraging for food, mice can contaminate your food containers with their diseases and parasites, which can then be transferred to humans.

Squirrels are destructive animals and will cause a significant amount of damage in your attic in a short amount of time. A squirrel in the attic can create an electrical fire hazard, ruin insulation, and create a mess of droppings.

Moles in the yard will create an unsightly amount of damage to your lawn. Since they tunnel so close to the surface, moles create trails of upturned dirt and kill grass.

Norway rats will chew on objects like furniture and floorboards, leaving behind gnaw marks. Their burrowing habits will ruin your homes building structure and damage sidewalks.

Attic Insulation Restoration

Squirrels, raccoons, and bats will take a toll on the insulation in your attic. Wild animals that find their way in, tend to use your attic to nest, raise babies, and as a latrine. Their droppings will weigh down insulation and create a health hazard.

Critter Control of Central Missouri can replace attic insulation and repair attic damages done by wildlife.

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