Removal of Squirrel from a Unique Columbia, MO home

We were recently referred by a competitor for squirrel removal from a unique and challenging home in Columbia.
There were two holes chewed through the fascia board on opposite ends of the home.  Both holes were NOT accessible with a 40' ladder, which presented unique challenges to access them.  We were able to build a platform on the front, lower roof and tie off a 24' ladder with levelers and leave it during the job to access the front hole.  The back hole was a bit more challenging, however.  I accessed it by lying face-down on the roof (with my hands and forearms hanging over the roofline to 'work' at the site), while my wildlife technician, Ben, held tension on the rope that was hooked to my harness, and prevented me from losing my balance and slipping off the roof.  It was precarious to say the least, but we were able to put a hole monitor over the back hole and after five days of no activity, were able to screen it with 1/2" steel mesh (it was the best I could do without being able to see the hole while working on it - the screen was screwed into place by 'feeling' the size of the opening and attaching the screen over it without being able to see what I was doing).
This home presented me with the biggest challenge I have yet faced as far as accessing the area the animals were using.
There was no access via attic from the inside to that area and it would have been impossible to get a lift into the backyard to get up to the back hole due to the steep slope of the hill and all of the trees.

The pictures show our 40' ladder fully extended and it comes nowhere close to getting us where we need to be.