Mice removed from kitchen pantry in Columbia, MO home

I was approached by a potential customer (a neighbor of a current mole customer) about coming over to look at their rodent issue.  I quoted her our inspection fees, what the inspection entails and how much her house would most likely run to bait by its size.  While I was doing the interior inspection, I came to the pantry where she had noticed mice that morning, she told me to 'be careful that they didn't run out when I opened the door' and as I shined my flashlight back and forth, she said 'see, there they are!'  Two large deer mice were sitting on a box in the same place they had been that morning.  I proceeded to get a pillowcase, bucket, and gloves from my truck and attempt to remove them by hand.  I did this successfully and then helped 'clean-up'.  I went through all the items in the pantry with her, throwing contaminated products away, and saving unopened or canned items.  I even took recycIable material and sorted from the contaminated garbage.  I then removed the two garbage sacks we filled along with the two full bags already in the trash cans that sat on the floor of the pantry.  After this I baited both attic spaces, the crawlspace, and garage.  I will return to seal the roof overhangs the rodents were entering.