Cleanup, Repairs Begin After Bats Removed From Attic at Price James

Employees at Price James Library were startled last fall by the discovery of a colony of bats nesting in the attic of the two story building. The number of bats has reached approximately 200.

Linda Schuster discovered the problem and said, "I noticed the evidence of bats when construction of the new addition began in 2003."

Critter Control of Central Missouri submitted a bid and was awarded by the City of Tipton to take care of the situation. "What we are doing now is trying to draw the bats out of the attic," Peter Riney said. "We have set up a net that will not allow them to enter the space once they have been drawn out that is activated by a trigger."

In the process, Riney and his team will thoroughly clean the attic. "We are going to clean out the old debris caused by the biological damages," Riney said. "Then we are going to disinfect and deordorize the entire attic."

The next step for Riney and his crew is to re-insulate the attic, and once spring comes seal up the remaining hole. "We have all the holes sealed up but one," Riney said. "We will wait until it gets warmer and all the bats are out, which they will disperse locally then we will go and seal that last hole."

''After that is finished, the library should be good to go," Riney said.

The total cost of the project is expected to be $9,353.

Credits: The Tipton Times