Carpet Python Rescued from Abandoned Duplex

A seven foot carpet python was rescued on June 14th, 2011 from an abandoned dresser in a local duplex.  The call came in from a property manager that was in the process of removing the evicted tenants abandoned belongings when they opened the dresser drawer and saw 'a head and tongue'.  When I got there and cracked the dresser drawer, the snake headed toward the light and I shut the drawer, went out to the truck and got a container, snake hook, and snake tongs for removal.  The python had been in the drawer for over a month and was pretty hungry, but also fairly docile when it was removed. 
It was transported to the office, given water, and fed (5 mice) the following day and still seemed hungry.  We will try feeding it a rat next week and have decided to keep it as a rescue.  It will get a new cage and much better home beside our other two snakes.  This is one of the most exciting and gratifying calls I have gotten since being in this business!