Barred Owl Removed from Columbia, MO Home

A Barred Owl was removed from a Columbia, MO home today.  The animal had fallen down the chimney flue last night and made quite a ruckus all night.  The stove insert was moved away to allow the owl to drop behind the stove and to be removed with a net and gloves.  The owl was taken to the University Vet School Raptor Rehab Program for sick or injured raptors.  We await its condition.

We received word from Katherine at Raptor Rehab, that after some minor respiratory issues due to soot/ash inhalation the owl is doing very well.  She should be released after some much needed talon and beak sharpening (worn down from clawing at the stove pipe wall).        Best regards Mrs. Barred Owl.

-Critter Control of Central MO