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Welcome to Critter Control® of Central Missouri

Critter Control of Central Missouri is your local animal control and wildlife management provider! We offer animal removal, damage control, prevention, and more to homeowners, property management companies, industrial and commercial clients. Critter Control of Central Missouri is your full-service animal control company with the solutions to solve any of your wildlife problems!

Our technicians are professionally trained and experienced with multiple animals. They will identify the animal and their entry points, remove the animal in a humane manner, repair any damages and place the appropriate measures to prevent any future infestations. When you go through Critter Control of Central Missouri, you get taken care of like family.

We handle a lot of different animals including bats, squirrels, raccoons, birds, mice, voles, woodchucks, and more!

Bats cause damages and messes that are difficult to handle for an untrained person. If you have a colony in your home, the amount of droppings in your home will be extensive. That amount of feces will cause lingering odors, difficult stains, and damage to the insulation. Critter Control of Central Missouri specializes in bat exclusion and seal up. We can exclude the animals and critter-proof your home to prevent future animal invasions.

Attics are one of the easiest places to insulate. If your attic is not properly insulated, you could be losing money to energy costs. Our attic restoration team can replace old and soiled insulation with new insulation. Once properly insulated, your attic will pay for itself in energy savings.

Our wildlife removal team stays on call 24 hours a day. Please call us at 573.560.3028 to schedule your home or business inspection today.

Central Missouri Critter Control offers animal control & removal services in the following cities:

Columbia | Jefferson City | Ashland | Boonville | Fulton | Moberly | Centralia | Mexico | Hallsville
Moniteau County | Callaway County | Boone County | Randolph County | Cole County
Howard County | Audrain County | Cooper County

This franchise is independently licensed and operated by Riney Enterprises, LLC, dba Critter Control of Central Missouri

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Critter Control is a nationwide company, and as such, the presence of the material on this local site does not imply that your local office can offer every service for every animal listed here. Please call 1-800-CRITTER (274-8837) to see if the local office can handle your situation.